How Does it Feel?

Hot air ballooning is one of the most exhilarating feelings on earth! When you're up in a balloon, you're allowed to see the world from a totally new perspective.
It gives you a new appreciation for the vastness of the landscape and the peacefulness that can be found away from the city.
Ballooning is quiet and calm, and one of the freest feelings there is. It truly is like being a bird floating lightly on the winds.
Until you have had the pleasure of hot air ballooning, you will never know the true feeling of freedom it can give you. It really is an experience you will treasure for a lifetime.

About Ballooning

Best Time to Fly

Hot air ballooning in Colorado is done at sunrise because the weather conditions here leave a small window (2-3 hours after sunrise) of opportunity to take to the sky.

What to wear

Depending on the time of year we're flying, temps at takeoff can be cool, and warm at landing. Light jackets, long pants, closed-toe shoes (tennis shoes or hiking boots), sunscreen and sunglasses are recommended apparel for ballooning.

How Many Can Fly?

Our baskets are meant for small groups - up to four passengers and your pilot. With larger groups, more than one balloon will be used.
A champagne toast will follow our landing, and each passenger will receive a "First Flight" Certificate.


We ask you to reserve a flight in advance. If you are planning a vacation in Colorado and want to experience ballooning, please book your flight to occur early in your visit. That way, you'll be covered if weather conditions require a reschedule.


If you need to cancel your flight, please notify Flights of fancy LLC. If cancelled three or more days before your scheduled flight, you will receive a full refund. If cancellation occurs less than 72 hours before scheduled flight, you will lose your deposit.

If weather conditions are causing multiple delays and rescheduling your flight becomes difficult, we will give you a full refund.

Special Occasions

Birthdays, graduations, wedding gifts, job promotions, "new beginnings" or "just for fun" are all good reasons to give yourself, a friend, or a family member the reward of a hot air balloon ride. Do something different that will create a lasting memory - let Flights of Fancy, LLC make it happen!

Engagement flights

Planning on getting engaged? Make your special day even more memorable by proposing high above the treetops!
If there is something that you would like Flights of Fancy LLC to arrange for you, just ask. We want to make your engagement day one to be cherished for a lifetime!
Champagne upgrade and engraved champange flutes are part of the engagement flight. Call for details.

Anniversary Flights

An Anniversary Flight is a great way to let your special someone know how much they mean to you by sharing a unique experience with them.
Why not surprise mom & dad with an anniversary gift they will never forget? Take the initiative and do something for them that they may never have considered, but would love to try.

"We didn't realize we had left the ground. It was like we were ascending into heaven…it was so smooth!"
~Leslie, Racine, WI

"Thank you so much. This experience really made my whole day!"
~Serene, Ft. Collins, CO

"Instead of feeling like we were going up, it was like the earth just floated down away from us. It was magical."
~ Kim, Royal Oak, MI

Passenger Checklist:

A deposit is required when making your flight reservation.
Children are welcome, but must be at least 4' tall and have the maturity to appreciate an hour or more in a calm atmosphere. That's right…they need to be still! ;-)
Bring your camera or video camera to record your flight experience.
Insurance waivers must be signed before flying.
Plan to be with us at least 2 and a half hours after sunrise.
Gratuities for the crew members are appreciated.

About Your Pilot…

Owner/Pilot Pamela A. Fancy is a licensed commercial pilot with a heartfelt wish to share her passion for ballooning with others.

Pam has flown in a number of races and balloon rallies all over the West - from Greeley, CO to Gallup, NM and Phoenix, AZ. She also participates in the prestigious Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® in New Mexico.

Pam is a licensed Realtor working at Keller Williams Realty of Northern Colorado. Go to and see how you can get a free ride on Fancy2.

Gift Certificates Available

If you have something special in mind, Call Flights of Fancy LLC.
We'll make it happen for you.

We're Not the Biggest - Just the Best!

Fort Collins, Colorado

For more information, or to make a reservation, E-mail Pam